Madhukar Dattatrey

Madhukar Dattatrey was born on 11 December 1915 in Nagpur to Dattatreya Krishnarao Deoras and Parvathibai. They were originally from Andhra Pradesh but settled in Nagpur. He had two brothers and two sisters. His younger brother Bhaurao Deoras was also also a senior pracharak of the RSS.
Madhukar did his schooling from New English High School and matriculated from Berar Board of Secondary Education in 1931. He then graduated from Moris College (now Nagpur Mahavidyalaya) in 1935 and studied for his LLB degree in College of Law, Nagpur University. 

He was inspired by Dr. Hedgewar to the extent that he remained associated with the RSS and became a pracharak of the Sangh. He began being a pracharak in Bengal and was then appointed as Secretary of the Nagpur City Unit.

In 1946, he became the Joint General Secretary and in 1965, General Secretary of RSS. On 5th June 1973, he was given the responsibility of Sarsanghchalak after the demise of Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar.
RSS grew by leaps and bounds under Deoras. Under him, it had about 30,000 shakhas with a presence in slums, Harijan bastis etc. Deoras contributed a lot in the field of education. He made arrangements to serve the downtrodden and tribals.

RSS was banned soon after Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency and started a crackdown on the Opposition. Thousands of fellow swayamsevaks were arrested and remained behind bars for two years. Madhukar was instrumental in firming up the conviction of the Swayamsevaks of the Sangh Parivar when they were being lured by material inducement and rewards . He created a feeling of Hindutva and was successful in creating Hindu awareness. He continued with unwavering strength of body and mind till the year 1994 when he had to step down due to ill health. He died on 17 June 1996.

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