Shri Keshav Baliram

A nationalist to the core, Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar had been at the forefront of the independence movement in the area of Vidarbha. He will always be remembered for forming the RSS. Hedgewar was born on 1st April in the year 1889 in Nagpur on Varsha Pratipada day. 
Hedgewar was the fifth of six children of a very poor family in Nagpur. His father was a Hindu priest. He lost both parents on single day in an epidemic when he was just 13 years. But the tragedy did not deter him from his goals. He continued his studies and received his early education at Neel City School, Napgur from where he was expelled for greeting the Inspector of Schools by singing Vande Mataram. 
This did not affect his studies or the love for his nation. He was a naturally brilliant and a sincere student. He cleared Praveshika examination of Calcutta National Vidyapeeth in Amravati, and proceeded to Calcutta to secure the LMS degree in medicine, in the year 1914 from the National Medical College. He came to Nagpur where instead of starting a medical practice, he began thinking of changing the society in a big way. 
It was his endeavour to organize the Hindu society so that a change could be brought about at the grass root level. It pained him to see that the intelligence of the Hindus lay dormant as did their physical capability and confidence. According to him, it was this that led a handful of English people to rule over India. People around him saw it as an impossible task to organize the Hindu society and streamline their activities to their own benefit. 
Hegdewar had a goal to achieve and he put in all his energy to achieve it. He united Hindus on a common platform to instill in them discipline and national character. He held a meeting on Vijayadashami day in the year 1925 with selected youth and some known people of Nagpur. On that day, which goes down in history, he started the work of awakening the national consciousness in the Hindu society. Thus RSS came into existence.

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